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Fury X220 HD Canopy Revendication

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Fury X220 HD Canopy Drone

See this collection for all parts for the Fury Drones:


The design of the canopy is an evolution of Emiel’s canopy for the Realacc X210. Thanks Emiel!
I improved the canopy to fit and protect a HS1177/HS1190 with GoPro 2 lens without having canopy parts covering the fpv image. It is optimised to give the best strength to protect the electronics. The gap for the FC is placed ideal when using a PDB and 6-7mm rubber standoffs (height from frame to center of FC is 13.5mm).

  • Optimised for HS1177/HS1190 with GoPro lens.
  • FPV camera snaps in 3 different anglels (25, 40 and 50 degrees of tilt).
  • Optimized strength to protect electronics.
  • Heavy duty fixation to the frame with four M3 nuts to withstand impact from crashes.
  • Two versions; with or without GoPro HD cam mount (GoPro HD version is 5 grams heavier).
  • GoPro HD version is still low profile as possible (uses adapters to enlarge tilt of HD camera).
  • Canopy fits the Realacc X210 bottom plate and outlines (read below for a better unibody frame).
  • It’s so beautiful!!
Suggested parts
  • 4x M3 nut (normal nut, no lock-nut)
  • 4x M3 10mm screw
  • FPV Camera: HS1177 or HS1190 (or simular)
  • FPV Lens: GoPro 2 lens
  • VTX: ImmersionRC TrampHV or TBS Unify Pro (both with telemetry support in Betaflight)

GoPro HD mount adapters

The HD Canopy has a mount to attach a GoPro Session 4/5 sleeve with a velcro strap. The default tilt is 25 degrees. With the supplied adapters it is possible to set the Session on you personal preference of degrees. Supplied adapters are 5, 10 and 15 degrees.

The adapter fits Emiel’s set of GoPro HD sleeves. The one for the Session 4/5 is provided in the files.

Custom unibody X-frame

Do you want a more unique racing drone?
The Fury X220 unibody X-frame can be bought from ArmattanProductions. The price is 38 USD without shipping. ArmattanProductions is known to deliver great services and uses only quality carbon fiber.

Link to Fury X220 unibody True-X frame

Link to Fury X240 unibody Stretched-X frame


  • A True-X or Stretched-X frame
  • Motor to motor: 220mm (True-X) or 240mm (Stretched-X)
  • Stronger than the Realacc X210 bottom plate.
  • Fits canopy perfectly, specially designed around the canopy.
  • Better motor protection (more carbon around the motors).
  • Quality carbon and perfectly machined.




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